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More About Me :)



  With a single income and being a single mom of 4 I have drowned myself in debt. I had never stopped to think about tomorrow or about why I continue to build on debt! Days, months, and years went by until I saw myself with no financial future other than being with negative numbers in the bank and empty pockets. I have been paying my debt but I continue to bring it up until I found the planner community on YouTube. My life changed! I stopped for once and realized I've had the same dreams for so many years and I kept saying in two year this in two years that, nothing had changed. I need to be accountable to someone and as a single mom I didn't have someone to support me and tell me I was doing good or bad. 

   In May 2019 I decided to make a lot of changes in my spending habits. But, I needed support and that is where Lupita Aide was born. I started my YouTube and since then my financial life is better than ever and it will continue to improve, because I am determined, I will be debt free. My dreams have turned in to goals this is where my quote was born.



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