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Debt Tracker


Debt Tracker

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Credit Card Debt

The tracker comes with or without an A6 envelope pouch. (choose carefully)

It is NOT laminated

Track your debt balance as you make your debt payments. With this tracker, you can keep track of either your payments, balance, and or simply reward yourself for a certain payment goal you would like to reach. 

Example 1 

Divide your balance into the number of icons in this tracker and each time you pay that amount cross off one icon.

Example 2

There are 28 icons that you can use as 28 payments, every time you make one payment cross off one icon. 

Example 3 

Reward yourself. Choose a goal amount you think is fair and realistic for you. Once you have your amount and you meet that goal payment, reward yourself. Reward yourself once per icon by saving $2 or whatever amount you prefer. Once you cross out all icons buy yourself something nice.

I would reward myself for every $100 I pay. And I would put $2.00 in my savings. Once I'm done I would go eat at my favorite place. 

There are so many ways you could use this tracker. Just have fun paying off your debt :)